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Trophy Pricing
2022-2023 Season

Lodging Fees
The lodging fee per person is $425 per night, whether that guest is a hunter or non-hunter. All trophy fees are in addition to the lodging fee. The lodging fee includes a room, all meals, and a fully stocked open bar. This does not include wine, all guests must supply their own wine.
All sporting clays shooters are responsible for their own shotgun and ammunition. Every hunter must have a valid Texas Hunting License. It is recommended that hunters bring their own rifle. The ranch has a limited number of ranch rifles. If a hunter chooses to use a ranch rifle, they are responsible for supplying their own ammunition, .270 caliber. Wounded animals will be charged the full trophy fee. The guide will determine whether an animal has been wounded.
Trophy Fees
Whitetail Buck                                 Up to 150" B&C                                             $3,500
                                                              150" - 159" B&C                                             $5,000
                                                              160" - 169" B&C                                             $6,000
                                                              170" - 179" B&C                                             $7,000
                                                              180" - 189" B&C                                             $8,000
                                                               Over 190" B&C                                       $Price On Request
Whitetail Doe                                                                                                               $500
Feral Pig                                              2nd Pig Free                                                   $200
Rio Grande Turkey                          2nd Tom Free                                                 $800
Blackbuck Antelope                        Trophy Buck                                                   $3,500
Scimitar Horned Oryx                     Trophy Bull                                                     $5,500

Fallow Deer                                         Trophy Buck                                                  $6,000

Nilgai                                                     Trophy Bull                                                    $4,500
Please visit our Corporate Dove Hunts page or Corporate Quail Hunts page for pricing and more information on those opportunities.

Rancho de Las Palmas

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