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"Up In Smoke" Cook Shack


The "Up In Smoke" Cook Shack is one of the most popular social hangouts at Las Palmas. With commercial sized events in mind, "Up In Smoke" was designed to handle high volume cooking, as well as provide a place to hang out and enjoy a cocktail while you cook. Complete with a 30-ribeye mesquite grill, a 10-ribeye charcoal grill, double and single basket fryers, large capacity boilers, a paella cooker, and lastly a versatile "Fire Disc". The "Up In Smoke" Cook Shack has virtually any cooking method you choose covered. "Up In Smoke" also features a sitting and dining area as well as a commercial sink, making clean up an easy task.


The "Up In Smoke" cook shack was named after the original version of the cook shack was accidentally set ablaze. After a few minor repairs, the cook shack was improved from its original design and was given the perfect name.

Rancho de Las Palmas

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